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Dorothy Bealm


The term open source originally was associated with computer programming and had to do with the philosophy of developing and adapting software in a manner that allowed different users to adapt and add to the software so that it fit their needs. In recent times this term has adopted a new meaning that pertains to education. Open source education operates in a manner very similar to the computer code theory.Open source education is a method of providing education in an open format. This means that the material can be freely accessed and can be adapted and changed by different users. This process of providing knowledge and education has become extremely popular. One reason for this popularity is the feedback opportunity that is available.Applied education, which is another term for this style of learning, invites the user and other individuals to provide feedback on the original material and add or augment that material. There are a few programs that have grown out of this new philosophy of learning. These programs are exploring the principles of open source education and applying it to their curriculum. One of the more popular and successful programs available in open source education is the MIT Opencourseware program. This program is offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and aimed at extracting information from all of their higher education programs and offering them online to anyone who desires to view this material.This is one of the largest programs available and is eventually going to offer some of the material from all of the different fields of learning that MIT offers on campus. The educational material is being offered via video and written text. The video material provides seminars and lectures that have been recorded in the classroom and are then streamed to video. This material may also be available for download.

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