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Fri 6th Feb 2015 - 5:32am : Updates



Hey Everyone,


Over the last week since we've been on Steam Early Access, we've released 10 updates, with various bug fixes, stability & optimization improvements, 2 new guns, a completely new recoil system, a new ADS-sway system, some community requested features, and much more. Here's a quick rundown of our most exciting new features this week:


The Makarov:


A reliable Russian pistol, the Makarov doesn't look too good on paper - with 3 less bullets in a clip than the P99, a lower base damage, the inability to 1-shot headshot, and a faster damage dropoff. What it lacks for in stats, it more than makes up for in pure usability. With an excellent ironsight, minimal recoil, and a very satisfying sound, the Makarov is a pistol to be afraid of.


The M4 Carbine:


Used in many modern militaries, this carbine blends in well to the harsh Middle-Eastern environment with its soft yellow colouring. It may not have the option for a second sight, like the G36, but it's high firerate makes the M4 Carbine a close-range beast. Because it uses the common 5.56mm STANAG round, you can pop a C36G clip into it as well, which makes finding ammo a breeze.


This week,

Our development plans include unarmed combat, a post-death spectator system, and maybe even some new wildlife! We'll keep everyone updated, and, as always, don't forget to follow @DownToOneGame on Twitter!





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